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Wholesome Wave Georgia (WWG) makes fresh, healthy, locally-grown produce affordable and available to all Georgians.


We steward a network of farmers, neighbors, and community partners who believe affordable access to fresh, healthy, locally-grown food creates a more inclusive, nourishing, and loving food system in which everyone prospers.



Wholesome Wave Georgia believes that all Georgians in need should have access to fresh, healthy, locally-grown food choices.

In Georgia, over 1.4 million people are considered food-insecure and receive federal nutrition assistance including SNAP benefits. The high cost and low accessibility of fresh foods leave these households with limited options to feed their families. Food insecurity is linked to poverty, obesity, and other diet-related illnesses. The effect of food insecurity on America’s families is evident: approximately 65% of adults and 34% of children (ages 2 to 19) are overweight or obese.

Wholesome Wave Georgia encourages us to rethink the cost, accessibility, and affordability of fresh, nutritious foods in our state. Our mission is to increase access to and awareness of healthy food choices for all Georgians in need through local farmers and community partners. 

We work towards our mission through our core programs: Fresh For Less, Food For Health, and SNAP Connection.


… is rooted in our values. They are the guiding principles behind the growth of our programs, the development of our people, and ultimately, the impact we have in the communities we serve.

We tailor our food assistance efforts to serve the unique populations and economic needs of urban and rural communities across Georgia by strengthening and uplifting local farmers, small businesses, and local food systems.

We are dedicated to showing up for our partners, having a consistent presence in our communities, and following through with program plans and projects.

We depend on each other and our community to fight food insecurity and support local agriculture in Georgia.

We remain accountable both individually and as an organization to uphold our mission and vision with the utmost transparency.

We design food assistance programs and processes with equity and dignity for everyone and are proud to be representative of the neighbors, families, and communities we serve.

We show love for one another and people in our communities through active listening and by being trustworthy, empathetic, and compassionate. Love is the foundation of our work.


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