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Farm Truck 912 Serves Record Numbers of Savannah Families as SNAP Benefits Increase

Wholesome Wave Georgia works at farmers markets, farm stands, and a handful of brick and mortar locations across the state — but you might not see us in action. Through our Georgia Fresh for Less program, we match food stamp spending — also known as SNAP/EBT — for fresh food purchases, but it’s our partners who actually manage the transactions at these locations.

One of our biggest partners is down in Savannah at the Forsyth Farmers Market. Recently, they also established a mobile version of their farmers market, known as Farm Truck 912.

During the pandemic, it was a huge benefit for many families who lost jobs due to the pandemic. In fact, they were able to serve a record number of families thanks to the mobile market, and Georgia Fresh for Less.

Farm Truck 912, the mobile version of the popular Forsyth Farmers’ Market, continued to operate throughout the early days of the pandemic. It even added four new stops and began operating six days a week on a schedule throughout Chatham County and across all economic strata. Demand would surge throughout 2020, with overall sales increasing by 200 percent and Supplemental Nutrition Incentive Program (SNAP)-funded purchases surging by 400 percent.

Then, in October 2021, almost all households receiving SNAP benefits began receiving an increase in those benefits. For Georgia residents, this would generally amount to about 15% or $12-$16 dollars a month.

However, Forsyth Farmers’ Market and Farm Truck 912 were already extending additional benefits that let customers stretch their budgets even further.

“Farm Truck 912 is perfectly suited as an outdoor open market, bringing fresh produce to those who were isolated and often without access to healthy foods,” said Ruby Hallam, MPH, CHES, nutrition manager at YMCA of Coastal Georgia. “It also participates in an initiative through Wholesome Wave Georgia that allows SNAP participants to double their spending when purchasing fresh produce.”

Partnerships like these are beneficial for everyone involved. We are grateful to play a role in Farm Truck 912’s success, and that more families have access to fresh, healthy, local food.

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