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Marigold Market among the farmers markets working to make fresh produce more accessible

At Wholesome Wave Georgia, we are grateful to serve a critical role in Georgia’s local food economy. Through partnerships with 77 farmers markets, farm stands, and retail locations across the state, we make fresh, local fruits and vegetables affordable to all Georgians by matching food stamps — also known as SNAP/EBT — on local food purchases. That means spending $10…
April 25, 2022

Relinda Walker and Michelle Giddens win 2022 Judith Winfrey Award

You can experience magic in a farmers’ markets’ gorgeous rainbow of produce, succulent pasture raised meats, flowers, baked goods, ready made meals, and more. The true magic though, is to be found in the human connection and the abundance cultivated in the food community. Wholesome Wave Georgia annually celebrates these relationships with its Judith Winfrey Leadership and Innovation Award. The…
April 18, 2022

Wholesome Wave Georgia Partners with Unite Georgia to Address Food Insecurities Across the State

Wholesome Wave Georgia, a nonprofit that provides access to healthy food choices, announced today they are partnering with Unite Us, the nation's leading technology company connecting health and social care, to address food insecurities for individuals and families across the state of Georgia, through the coordinated care network known as Unite Georgia. Wholesome Wave Georgia works with 77 farmers' markets, farm stands, and retail…
April 18, 2022

Can Produce Prescription Programs Turn the Tide on Diet-Related Disease?

In the last decade, produce prescription programs are becoming more and more popular, due to the number of diet related diseases in our society. Wholesome Wave Georgia launched our program called Georgia Food for Health back in 2015. Georgia Food For Health partners with healthcare providers to give families innovative prescriptions that can be spent on fresh fruits and vegetables…
April 12, 2022

With inflation running hot, Google searches for food stamps remain elevated

It may feel like the pandemic is winding down, but with inflation on the rise many families are still struggling to put food on the table. In addition to higher food prices, Americans are also paying more for gasoline and rent. Overall, the Consumer Price Index increased by 7.9% in February, the fastest pace of inflation in 40 years. New…
March 30, 2022
Daily Groceries in Athens became our first brick and mortar retail partner in 2019.

Georgia Fresh For Less: Coming to a Grocer Near You

Daily Groceries in Athens became our first brick and mortar retail partner in 2019. As you may know, our longest serving program is Georgia Fresh For Less. Through this program, we’ve contributed more than $3.8 million dollars to the local economy by matching the value of food stamps – also known as SNAP/EBT – on fresh, healthy, local food. These…
March 17, 2022

Farm Truck 912 Serves Record Numbers of Savannah Families as SNAP Benefits Increase

Wholesome Wave Georgia works at farmers markets, farm stands, and a handful of brick and mortar locations across the state — but you might not see us in action. Through our Georgia Fresh for Less program, we match food stamp spending — also known as SNAP/EBT — for fresh food purchases, but it’s our partners who actually manage the transactions…
February 14, 2022

Grant Will Help Wholesome Wave Georgia Serve More Fulton County Residents

We are very pleased to share that Fulton County, Georgia Commissioners voted to invest $395,000 in federal American Rescue Plan Act funds to expand Wholesome Wave Georgia’s Georgia Fresh for Less program within Fulton County, Georgia. This funding will help us make fresh, locally grown produce more accessible to our neighbors by making the Georgia Fresh for Less program available…
January 18, 2022

Farmers In Politics: Meet State Senator Kim Jackson

Georgia State Senator Kim Jackson was born with her hands in the dirt. “I grew up in the rural south on a farm where we ate vegetables all the time,” she explains. “I was raised in 4H.” This life shaped her approach to food. “I may not love Brussels sprouts,” she laughs, “but I developed a taste for them!” Her…
November 17, 2021

Food Stamps Help Georgia Veterans

With several military bases in Georgia, it’s no surprise that Georgia has more military veterans than 42 other states. More than 614,000 veterans live in Georgia. For many of them, food stamps are a critical lifeline. Across the country, 1.2 million veterans use food stamps, also known as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). In Georgia, about 7% of all veterans…
November 11, 2021
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